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We are looking for designers who can create various products with us.

We are looking for interior designers/assistant designers.
Let’s work together in our new and comfortable office!
Those who likes designs and creation.
Even if you are scarce in technology or knowledge, we are looking for those that will try and work hard.
For those who has a strong desire of learning and a strong desire of creating products,
Pico Innovate has a ton of chances and an unconventional environment.

Mid-career recruitment

Full-time worker(Mid-career)Those who falls under one of the following
2months trial period

  1. Those who can work using English and Japanese
  2. Working experience for more than 2years in the area of interior design
  3. Those who can draw using Vector Works2016 are preferred
  4. Those with a happy and bright mind
  5. Those wanting to become a site supervisor or designer are welcomed
  6. Those with knowledge of project management are preferred

Graduate recruitment

Not recruiting at the moment.