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NY Brooklyn・A new sports bar in Sendai station in which Visa restaurant of Dumbo district is arranged.
It has a 5M high ceiling and in the middle of the FRP rounded counter, there is a large five dimension monitor and sub-monitor allowing customers to see the monitor from any seat.
In addition, woofer is set inside the parapet to have an even more lively atmosphere with the heavy bass sound.
To correspond to the needs of party, we have set a space with different sound equipments and zoning that allows various operations.

  • Direction・Basic plan of design・Operation plan・Facility design
  • Supervision of project budget・Supervision of scheduling・Supervision of design quality
  • Adjustment of B construction・Design of furniture・Establishment of display plan
  • Design of order-made lighting equipment〜Domestic production
  • Establishment 2017.06.01
  • Location SENDAI - JR Sendai Station
  • Category Sports bar
  • DDirector
  • CDChief Designer
  • IDInterior Designer
  • PDProduct Designer
  • GDGraphic Designer
  • WDWeb Designer
  • AAssistant

Masakazu Abe

Satoshi Tanigawa

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