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High-class steak house in which the main store is located in NY Midtown has opened its first store in Asia in Roppongi.
It has an interior design that respects the history of brand as well as the mature impression, luxury, and sophisticated image of Roppongi, Tokyo.
Planning operation has been deeply discussed with the government authorities using kitchen equipment appointed by the NY head office, and made it possible to import countermeasures of safety. In addition, the basement which s said to have a severe condition by law was taken advantage of in order to create zonings with various changes and other diversified ideas.

  • Direction・Basic plan of design・Adjustment of design with NY~Approval~Meeting on site
  • Operation plan・Facility design・Supervision of project budget・Supervision of scheduling・Supervision of design quality
  • Adjustment of A,B construction・Design of furniture・Establishment of display plan
  • Design of order-made lighting equipment~Overseas production~Import and export
  • Wall painting・Artwork・Sign plan・Conference with government authorities
  • Establishment 2017.09.27
  • Location TOKYO - Roppongi
  • Category High-graded steak house
  • DDirector
  • CDChief Designer
  • IDInterior Designer
  • PDProduct Designer
  • GDGraphic Designer
  • WDWeb Designer
  • AAssistant

Masakazu Abe

Daisuke Itabashi

Satoshi Tanigawa

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