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Convenience store near the station went through a conversion(change of usage) and became a restaurant of the best district.
32Tsubo of area is designed using the color red and tree.
We value the view from facade much and dismantled the front sash and set it diagonally in the entrance to show the rotisserie machine well.
The inside view that can be seen through the filters is filled with joy and laughter.
The limited atmosphere is created functionally and efficiently through zoning to show a hand-made, soft atmosphere.

  • conversion・Basic plan of design・Operation plan・Facility design
  • Supervision of project budget・Supervision of scheduling・Supervision of design quality
  • Design of furniture・Establishment of display plan
  • Design of order-made lighting equipment〜Domestic production
  • In-store graphic design
  • Establishment 2017.03.08
  • Location YOKOHAMA - Aobadai
  • Category Chicken food restaurant
  • DDirector
  • CDChief Designer
  • IDInterior Designer
  • PDProduct Designer
  • GDGraphic Designer
  • WDWeb Designer
  • AAssistant

Masakazu Abe

Satoshi Tanigawa

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